Maybe it’s end of season ennui or perhaps an effect of the strange summer we have had down here in Victoria on growing, but I just couldn’t wrap my mind around what vegetables to buy this week. I managed to make a decision after a full lap and a half of the market and returned home with a selection somewhat reminiscent of autumn. Of course it almost is but with the heat and the burning that has been going on round here, it’s hard to fathom things autumnal.

An actual roast sprang immediately to mind but I just didn’t fancy that. So vision number was created. A roast vegetable pie.First job was to cut the veg into small cibes, drizzl with olive oil and roast unti the outside pieces started to burn. NOthing better than a piece of umpkin with burnt edges.


Our selection included 2 carrots, a wedge of pumpkin, a parsnip, a beet, a leek, an onion, a red capsicum, a sweet potato and a corn cob. As an aside, the silk comes off corn more easily when roasted than when raw.

Next, slice kernels off corn cob, slice a bok choy, slice the capsicum and toss all the vegetables to gether in a large bowl. Add 200g cubed cheddar and 300g crumbled feta. Admire the colours.


Place in a pie dish, with pie bird to help steam escape (or you can just slit the pastry, I love my pie bird) and cover with shortcrust pastry. I used a messy rye version that didn’t roll well but tasted great. Bake until pastry is golden. This picture is of the uncooked pie.


Budget friendly, vegetarian deliciousness. The vegetable mix made enough for two pies. I froze half of it as well as half the pastry and dinner for another night is all but done.