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Cheese and roast vegetable pie

by Dani

Maybe it’s end of season ennui or perhaps an effect of the strange summer we have had down here in Victoria on growing, but I just couldn’t wrap my mind around what vegetables to buy this week. I managed to make a decision after a full lap and a half of the market and returned […]

Roast Vegetable Quesadillas

by Dani

The moral of tonight’s dinner is: Do not settle down to a cuppa and a chat with a girlfriend while cooking beans, if your brain has been eroded by five years of breastfeeding, punctuated only by 42 weeks of pregnancy. Yes, I said 42. Which is how old she’ll be before I forgive her for […]

When leftovers combine harmoniously

by Dani

I did my supermarket Christmas shopping tonight. Just have the fruit and veg to go now. I seem to have spent a small fortune on food lately and the house really is very well stocked, Christmas notwithstanding. So I have decided that I am only allowed to restock on fruit and veg for the next […]