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The Kitchen Playground top 7 quick mix biscuits

by Dani

A batch of biscuits that can be mixed in five minutes and baked in the time it takes to shower and dress for an impromptu trip to the park is a blessing. The following mixes fit into that category and have been the perfect addition to many a gathering of Ankle Biters. I make them […]

Mum’s best friend, freezer biscuit dough.

by Dani

School holidays have finished and the Ankle Biters have returned to their term time routines. One thing I have noticed about school holidays is that they could easily become very expensive propositions. Not in this house. I’m not wired that way. Poor Ankle Biters. Instead, we have movie days at home with popcorn and biscuits. […]

Baking advantage of a break in the heat

by Dani

Happy Australia Day people! Whilst tradition dictates that I should have spent the day having a barbecue, drinking beer and watching the cricket, practicality reared her ugly head. Which is not to say I didn’t watch the cricket. What I did do however, was to take advantage of the 28 degree weather to bake for […]

Bread, biscuits and big weekends.

by Dani

I deserted this little bloglet over the weekend in favour of particpating in real life. It happens sometimes. On Saturday night, I gussied up, deserted Ankle Biter and the Bread Winner and headed out to a friend’s 40th. Fun, fun, fun! Bubbles, red wine, lots of lovely party food and great conversation. Not to mention […]

A biscuit post for Kathy

by Dani

Plain cracker style biscuits get eaten at a very rapid rate in our house. Making them ourselves is good on so many levels. It’s cheap, they’re free of additives and best of all, it keeps the kids amused for ages. Their jobs are cutting and glazing and they’re getting pretty good at it. Plain Biscuits […]