I love to cook. Seriously love to cook. I’m also serious about good food. Real food.

Feel free to borrow, try or bastardise any of my recipes but if you copy them or publish them elsewhere, credit where credit is due please. All the recipes on this blog are my creation unless otherwise specified.

Another thing to note is that I use a thermomix. I will endeavour to give both the thermomix version and the non-thermomix version of my recipes so anyone can use them. Please note that I am in no way paid by Verwoerk or any subsidiary company to promote the Thermomix.

Amounts used are approximate. Eggs are usually 70g. Temperatures are all in celcius and measurements are always metric. Unless otherwise stated, recipes serve 3 – 4, depending on your serving size.

Conversion Chart

1 Australian metric measuring cup = approx. 250ml
1 Australian metric tablespoon = 20ml
1 Australian metric teaspoon = 5ml
The difference between metric cups from country to country is 2 – 3 tablespoons
North America, New Zealand & the United Kingdom use 15ml tablespoons

Dry Measures
15g½ ounce
30g1 ounce
60g2 ounce
90g3 ounce
125g4 ounce or ¼ pound
155g5 ounce
185g7 ounce
250g8 ounce or ½ pound
280g9 ounce
315g10 ounce
345g11 ounce
375g12 ounce or ¾ pound
410g13 ounce
440g14 ounce
470g15 ounce
500g16 ounce or 1 pound
750g24 ounce or 1 ½ pound
1kg32 ounce or 2 pound
Liquid Measures
30ml1 fluid ounce
60ml2 fluid ounce
100ml3 fluid ounce
125ml4 fluid ounce
150ml5 fluid ounce or ¼ pint or 1 gill
190ml8 fluid ounce
250ml9 fluid ounce
300ml10 fluid ounce or ½ pint
500ml16 fluid ounce
600ml20 fluid ounce or 1 pint
1 litre34 fluid ounce
Oven Temperatures
CelciusFahrenheitGas Mark
Very slow1202501/2
Moderately Slow1603253
Moderately Hot2004006
Very hot2404759

Que approveche!

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