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Autumn Camping

by Dani

The chez KP gang have just returned from our annual Easter camping trip. The preparation and the long drive always make me wonder if it is going to be worth the effort and yet it always is. The trick is, in my opinion, to do all the work before hand to allow for full scale […]

Naturally dyed Easter eggs

by Dani

We go camping at Easter. It’s our thing that we do. That we’ve always done. In fact, the Bread Winner and I met at Easter camping 14 years ago. It’s like our personal Mecca. This year though, things fell apart. The trailer has two flat tyres. It needs new rims. Easter is extraordinarily early. We […]

Dried Fruit Easter Eggs

by Dani

Just because we’ve lost our Easter virginity doesn’t mean we have to succumb to the whole chocolate conspiracy. So I adapted a thermomix Vitality Truffle recipe and made these little dried fruit eggs for the kids. I put them inside 2 gold Lindt bunny tins that I was given by swimming students. Don’t ask what […]