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Chez KP goes Russian

by Dani

Welcome to Europe! Yes we did discuss that Russia is in both Europe and Asia but we cooked European Russian food. On the first day of term with swimming lessons fter school. What was I thinking? Fortunately, I had selected a salad which meant it could be done between work and school pickup, ready for […]

Grilled Trout & Steamed Vegetable Salad

by Dani

The end of spring in Melbourne has been scorchingly hot. Which I am absolutely relishing. I love both the warmth and the complete transformation of our meals into the wonderful world of salads. We’ve had this one twice since I first threw it together a week ago, the second time with the addition of some […]

A Simple Summer Salad

by Dani

The hot days have hit early this year and I’ve not yet adjusted my fruit and vegetable buying habits. While I am buying what is seasonal, the ratio of vegetables I prefer cooked to vegetables I prefer raw is where some adjustment is needed. The bright side of this is some inventiveness in the salad […]

Catching up on the Cook Book Challenge

by Dani

This Last week’s book has been patiently sitting in the kitchen waiting for my attention all week. My attention, however, has been elsewhere. In terms of my food planning, the week has actually finished but unfinished business bothers me, so I will use Food To Go from the AWWs home library tonight whilst perusing this […]

Bread, biscuits and big weekends.

by Dani

I deserted this little bloglet over the weekend in favour of particpating in real life. It happens sometimes. On Saturday night, I gussied up, deserted Ankle Biter and the Bread Winner and headed out to a friend’s 40th. Fun, fun, fun! Bubbles, red wine, lots of lovely party food and great conversation. Not to mention […]

A hot night and a family dinner party

by Dani

The last couple of days have been hot, hot, hot in Melbourne. Which I love but no one else seems too jiggy with it. Having this sudden heat wave in March is, for me, a delicious reprieve from the cooler weather that surely approaches. I don’t do cold. Yesterday was 42 degrees I believe, so […]