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Broad Bean and Feta Risotto

by Dani

Being Sunday, it’s First Born’s turn to cook. Tonight, he has whipped up a broad bean and feta risotto in the thermomix. I can’t say it often enough, the thermomix is absolutely brilliant for teaching children to cook. The risotto was fantastic and First Born was very proud of himself. As well he should be. […]

Cooking with Son and Heir’s Peeps…silverbeet and cheese scones

by Dani

One of the many things I love about Son and Heir’s kinder is the little vegie patch. Over the school holidays, the silverbeet grew to maturity. So this afternoon, Lil Miss and I joined the kinder kids to harvest and cook some of it. Each of the children picked a leaf and then we headed […]

Handing the kitchen to the Ankle Biters

by Dani

It’s always been my plan to have the Ankle BIters cook a meal a week each as they become old enough. It gives me a break, is a valid sharing of chores and teaches them an invaluable skill. With that end in mind, I’ve been checking out children’s cookbooks pretty much since Son and Heir […]

Spinach & Camembert Lasagne

by Dani

All it takes is one Ankle Biter to cause a ruckus at 3.30am and the whole family suffers. By this afternoon, I was completely wilted and the AB’s could have whinged for Australia. Major distraction necessary. The pasta machine always works. They love turning the handle on that thing. A few stirs at various other […]

A new cook at Chez KP

by Dani

Son and Heir made his own lunch for kinder tomorrow. He even cut the cucumber himself. Sometimes I burst with pride.

School Holiday Cooking Fun

by Dani

For some reason, it’s even harder than normal to coax Son and Heir to the supermarket without excessive whinging during school holidays. It’s like he expects to be tortured with the mundane during term time but holidays should be constant razzle dazzle. Dream on sunshine. He’s still only a pre-schooler too, heaven help me. A […]