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Thermomix flavours of Mexico. Avocado crema corn.

by Dani

A brief hiatus in the kitchen from Vietnamese flavours. This is absolutely delicious and incredibly messy to eat. Particularly for those who are bearded. I have adapted a recipe found in an airplane magazine, apparently the original is from Cantina by Paul Wilson. I served this accompanied by skate which had been smeared in ground […]

Cheap but not quite seasonal. Sweet potato quesadillas

by Dani

Why oh why are my family so jolly difficult about orange vegetables? I know they are good eaters and I really shouldn’t complain but I love my beta-carotene and I wish they did too. Every now and again I try something new hoping it will be a winner. My current read is Animal, Vegetable, Miracle […]

Feasting Mexican Style

by Dani

Sometimes I just feel like making the Bread Winner something special. His best something specials are pretty much always Mexican. The success of this meal indicated that Son and Heir has inherited his father’s predilection for south of the border flavours. South of the border in the colloquial sense, not literal, as that would be […]

Man Flu

by Dani

A conversation. Me: You know you’re dying of nothing more than patheticness don’t you? BW: Don’t cry for me, I’m already dead. Yep, man flu. It’s highly symptomatic, lingering, debilitating and potentially fatal. Or so the Bread Winner would have you believe. Me, I like to call it a well deserved head cold developed after […]

Not Slimming

by Dani

Sunday night at Chez KP featured the Bread Winner’s favourite cuisine, Mexican. Chimichangas to be precise, courtesy of A Year in CrockPotting. The Bread Winner was muchly pleased. I used about half the meat and one 400g tin of tomatoes and it was enough for the four of us. I made my own tortillas with […]

Pork and Black Beans

by Dani

The Bread Winner only got a passing bite of tortilla last night as he went out to the Comedy Festival with some friends. He did pause briefly to comment on it’s deliciousness. Knowing that Mexican food is to him as Vietnamese food is to me, I thought it only fair to have some form of […]