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Oxtail Spaghetti Casserole.

by Dani

I bought some oxtail at market the other day intending to make an oxtail lasagne. Only thing was that we’ve already had bolognaise this week and it just seemed too ‘same’. I’ve been wanting to make a variation on Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Spaghetti and the combination of those two thoughts inspired this dish. I made […]

A simple thermomix ragu

by Dani

Son and Heir is feeling pasta deprived. Or so he says. My freezer is bereft of bolognaise. I did find yet another small chunk of topside though. So tonight we will have pasta with a simple ragu. I’m waiting for the Lil Miss to wake so we can go food shopping so vegetables will be […]

Holiday Day Four

by Dani

Day Four in Sydney and a continuation of Holiday Meal Planning. We actually had a meal today that I didn’t cook so don’t expect a recipe for lunch! It was delicious. Probably a tad to much chilli though. I like it hot but it killed the actual flavour of the laksa. We ate in the […]

One Roast Chook, Two 10 Minute Meals

by Dani

I cooked a lovely roast chook the other night and padded it out with lots of salad and baked potato. It was a great big one so I intended to leave myself enough leftovers for a couple of meals. I can justify paying around the $20 mark for an organic chook if I can get […]

Chestnut Pasta with Cheese Oil & Baby Spinach

by Dani

The pantry raid (phew, lucky I didn’t leave that ‘r’ out), continues tonight with a recipe I’ve been meaning to try for ages plus a sauce cobbled together out of leftovers. I generally do my supermarket shopping at a wonderful IGA, Leo’s. Apart from not belonging to Coles or Woolworths which is a major plus […]

Creamy salmon and mushroom pasta

by Dani

I was running a bit late tonight so had a quick peek in the fridge to see what I could whip up in a hurry. I found a bit of leftover cured salmon, a couple of mushrooms and a dash of cream on it’s last legs. Brilliant. Not much quicker and easier than pasta. Creamy […]