I cooked a lovely roast chook the other night and padded it out with lots of salad and baked potato. It was a great big one so I intended to leave myself enough leftovers for a couple of meals. I can justify paying around the $20 mark for an organic chook if I can get 3 meals for 4 out of it. I managed by the skin of my teeth.

The first meal was obviously the roast with potatoes and salad. After which I attacked the chicken with my bare hands, ripping off every single morsel fo meat of shredding it into small pieces, ready for the next creations.

Meal number two was a lovely hot night meal. Chicken salad accompanied by fresh bread and butter. It consisted of the chicken, spring onions, parsley, grape tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, little cubes of cheese, all tossed through with loads of home made mayonnaise. Delicious.

Meal number three really needed to be a 10 minute meal. It was planned for a night when I knew I would be running in the door straight from a girlfriend’s 40th lunch to hungry Bread Winner and Ankle Biters. So the remaining chicken was tossed through with coriander pesto and served on pasta with freshly grated parmesan. Very quick and easy but also very tasty. Admittedly I was really stretching the point trying to get three meals out of this bird. Fortunately I had baked a large loaf of bread this morning and I just threw that at the Ankle Biters when the pasta was finished and they were still famished.