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Variations on the same theme…

by Dani

I used almost the same ingredients for both lunch and dinner today. Is that wrong? Bad luck if it is, its the end of the week in terms of food shopping and choices are limited. Both meals were good and it was the Ankle Biters turn to cook dinner so I’m happy. We had our […]

Sandwich Heaven

by Dani

OK, this sandwich is very, very naughty but incredibly delicious. Crispy fried free range bacon and creamy blue cheese. My rear end is expanding just making one for the Bread Winner’s lunch. Lucky I don’t have enough bacon left to actually eat one.

Holiday Day Four

by Dani

Day Four in Sydney and a continuation of Holiday Meal Planning. We actually had a meal today that I didn’t cook so don’t expect a recipe for lunch! It was delicious. Probably a tad to much chilli though. I like it hot but it killed the actual flavour of the laksa. We ate in the […]

Holiday Day Three

by Dani

Day Three in Sydney and a continuation of Holiday Meal Planning. I had to do a small shopping top up last night, I bought more bread, eggs, rocket and a massive bunch of coriander. Most of which is already gone. I’m going to have to hit the supermarket again in the next day or so. […]

Steak and Haloumi Sandwich

by Dani

Doesn’t that sound good? Cos it was. Steak and Haloumi Sandwich 1 rump steak (I used the one steak for 2 adults) 1 piece of haloumi cut into 1 cm wide strips 1 tomato, sliced juice 1 lemon 2 red onions, sliced lettuce leaves bread (I used homemade spelt and wheat) Slowly pan fry onions […]