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France: butter and cream. What could be wrong?

by Dani

First week of term, hot weather, committee meetings, swimming lessons, work, craft group meetings. Totally crazy week to decide to do a culinary trip round the world. We did it though. And thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately, it’s taken until today to catch up on blogging about it. First Born has placed French food in second […]

Market fresh goodness…fritters, soup and crumble.

by Dani

Market day makes me want to stuff as much of that freshly picked vegetable goodness into my gob as humanly possible in one day. As each day of the week passes by, they are that little bit less fresh, that little bit less nutritious. Always good until the end though. This morning, I got caught […]

Tell me about your Sunday roast

by Dani

I do wish that didn’t make me think of Nicole and Keith’s baby. Really, did they not test the name out from every angle or did they just not care? Anyhoo, ‘nough ’bout that. Sunday roast can be a variable thing in our house. No firm favourites, no set tradition. Tonight, it’s roast chook. One […]

Eggplant and Zucchini Pie

by Dani

I was just loving the thought of this afternoon. Lot’s of kitchen pottering to do. Dinner to make, lunches to prepare for tomorrow, yoghurt cheese, goats milk yoghurt to make, bread to bake, kombucha to brew. So much fun to be had. One thing I didn’t factor in though…fighting Ankle Biters. I swear the little […]

Moroccan Style Vegetable and Couscous

by Dani

This is a quick and easy dish I threw together tonight when I suddenly realised I was running very late. Not a true 10 minute meal as it takes a little longer to cook but certainly less than 10 minutes work in the thermomix. Moroccan Style Vegetable and Couscous 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 onions […]