There are some things I just wouldn’t be without in my kitchen. Mostly fresh whole food of course but there is the odd thing in a tin or jar that makes it’s way into my home on a regular basis.

Tinned tomatoes:
I wouldn’t be without tinned toms in winter but in summer, whynot use the real thing? At least good quality tinned toms are canned when the tomatoes are at their nutritional best.

Tomato Paste: I prefer the salt reduced. Keep a small layer of olive oil on the top once you open it and it won’t go mouldy. You can freeze it too.

Tinned tuna: I wouldn’t touch tuna in oil with a barge pole as there are no guarantees the oil is not rancid. It’s much healthier in springwater and you can add oil yourself if necessary anyway.

Fresh garlic: Garlic is not pure white. It should have purple streaks through it.

Oats: Make sure they’re nice big fat oats.

Refried Beans: preferably homemade which freeze well but tinned will do in a pinch.

Olives: pitted kalamata are a staple and I often have some form of stuffed or marinated green as well.

Olive Oil: when coconut oil is the wrong flavour

Rice bran oil: for frying

Coconut oil: my main go to oil

Macadamia Oil: My standby for mayonnaise

Anchovies: Good quality Spanish anchovies

Capers: Make sure you get good quality. There is nothing more vile than a bad caper and little more superb than a good one.

Salt: I love salt. Murray River Pin is my standard but I also have a collection of other salts such as Tahitian vanilla salt, chilli salt, celery salt, merlot salt, garlic salt…

Nuts: Almonds, peanuts, walnuts, macadamias, cashews and pistachios

Dry fruit: Apricots, cranberries, sultanas and medjool dates.

Yoghurt: Usually Greek style

Bread Heels: I always have the heels of bread loaves in the freezer for whizzing up breadcrumbs.

Fish Sauce: a cheap one for cooking and Red Boat nuoc mam from Phu Quoc for dressing

Chilli sauce: Sriracha of course.

Peanut butter: crunchy.

To be continued…