A conversation.
Me: You know you’re dying of nothing more than patheticness don’t you?
BW: Don’t cry for me, I’m already dead.

Yep, man flu. It’s highly symptomatic, lingering, debilitating and potentially fatal. Or so the Bread Winner would have you believe. Me, I like to call it a well deserved head cold developed after two nights out on the turps of not enough sleep.

I will show sympathy through the provision of hearty, cold killing meals.

So in between brewing cups of echinacea, mint and ginger tea and heating mugs of life giving minestrone, I have conjured up some Mexican to warm the cockles of his ailing heart. Courtesy of Stephanie the unnaturally crockpot obsessed, tonight’s fare is tamale pie.

I made a meaty version with 500g of mince (that’s ground beef for the North American contingent). I used dried beans so I soaked them overnight and added a couple of cups of water to the filling. I also used 2 cobs of fresh corn rather than a tin, simply because that’s what I had. I must say though, the fresh corn was far nicer than tinned would have been. It’s hard to beat that subtle crunch of a fresh corn kernel. I added a thinly sliced green capsicum and omitted the sugar from the topping. Sour cream would have been a nice touch but I was all out.

Total cost was $6.92. Number of serves 6. Just. Probably because the Ankle BIters ate their bodyweight several times. Cost per serve $1.15.