Just because we’ve lost our Easter virginity doesn’t mean we have to succumb to the whole chocolate conspiracy. So I adapted a thermomix Vitality Truffle recipe and made these little dried fruit eggs for the kids. I put them inside 2 gold Lindt bunny tins that I was given by swimming students. Don’t ask what happened to the contents, my kids are too young to know they were once filled with delicious if unethical chocolate.

Dried Fruit Easter Eggs
140g dried dates
100g dried figs
100g whole rolled oats
100g hazelnut meal
50g sultanas
100g dried apricots, soaked in hot water and drained
shredded coconut for rolling

Blend for 1 minute on speed 7 in thermomix. Or blend in batches in food processor until well combined. Roll into egg shapes and roll in shredded coconut.