Happy Australia Day people!

Whilst tradition dictates that I should have spent the day having a barbecue, drinking beer and watching the cricket, practicality reared her ugly head. Which is not to say I didn’t watch the cricket. What I did do however, was to take advantage of the 28 degree weather to bake for the week to come and back to school. We are in for another heat wave starting tomorrow so today really was the last feasible day before the holidays end. So I arose at the crack of sparrow’s fart dawn and got started.

Firstly, I set some bread dough to prove. Cheese and grain, made with whey to be precise.


Then I got the baked bean pies started. Half baked bean and egg and half baked bean and cheese.


By which time the Ankle Biters were making noises about breakfast. So I made a quadruple batch of pikelets. Some for breakfast with home made jam and some for the freezer for school and after school treats.


Then, the bread was ready to be baked.


Next on the list were carrot and cheese scones (biscuits for North Americans). The thermomix does a brilliant job and making the carrot imperceptible. Scones freeze very well. Another school/after school snack taken care of.


Another loaf of bread as the first one largely vanished at lunchtime and a batch of spelt crackers.


Finally, a treat for the last week of holidays. Malt biscuits (that’s cookies for North Americans)


Any surreptitious nibbling that may or my not have occurred was negated by a 12km run this evening. Because that’s another thing I won’t be able to do for at least a week with our current wether forecast.

So how did you spend your Australia Day?