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Baking advantage of a break in the heat

by Dani

Happy Australia Day people! Whilst tradition dictates that I should have spent the day having a barbecue, drinking beer and watching the cricket, practicality reared her ugly head. Which is not to say I didn’t watch the cricket. What I did do however, was to take advantage of the 28 degree weather to bake for […]

Cooking with Son and Heir’s Peeps…silverbeet and cheese scones

by Dani

One of the many things I love about Son and Heir’s kinder is the little vegie patch. Over the school holidays, the silverbeet grew to maturity. So this afternoon, Lil Miss and I joined the kinder kids to harvest and cook some of it. Each of the children picked a leaf and then we headed […]

Market day cooking frenzy

by Dani

Bulk buying fresh food means lot’s of cooking when you get home. Particularly when the Bread Winner has not made lunch for the Ankle Biters and dinner also needs to be prepared. So, today the Kitchen Playground produced leftover coriander pesto burger and cheese in sandwiches for lunch. Adzuki bean soup with cheese and thyme […]