After the weekend’s birthday celebrations, one thing I did not feel like doing today was cooking. Rare but true. Even so, it’s only just occurred to me as I type this that take away is the common option for nights such as tonight. It’s just not something that occurs to me more than once in a blue moon. Probably a good thing.

My quick and easy solution to tonight was just as easy as ordering take away. It was fresh, seasonal, local and healthy. Budget conscious too. It would have taken me no more than 10 minutes to prepare.

Leftover roast lamb, broad beans, peas and feta salad
leftover roast lamb, cut into bite sized pieces
fresh peas, shelled
broad beans, shelled
150g Danish feta, crumbled
drizzle extra virgin olive oil
juice 1/2 blood orange

  1. Throw lamb, peas and feta in a bowl.
  2. Meanwhile, cook broad beans for 5 minutes.
  3. Drain and squeeze out of skins into bowl.
  4. Dress with oil and orange juice.
  5. Serve.