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Leftover roast lamb, broad beans, peas and feta salad.

by Dani

After the weekend’s birthday celebrations, one thing I did not feel like doing today was cooking. Rare but true. Even so, it’s only just occurred to me as I type this that take away is the common option for nights such as tonight. It’s just not something that occurs to me more than once in […]

Roast lamb, nettles and other spring goodness.

by Dani

It’s Abbotsford Convent Slow Food Farmer’s Market week this week. The Ankle Biters and I arrived just before 8am and filled our trolley to overflowing with locally grown spring goodness. The seemingly endless hues of green at a spring market make my heart sing. In addition to this cornucopia of spring vegetation, I also treated […]

Carrot & Zucchini Muffins

by Dani

I whipped these up this afternoon when I realised I still had a lot of carrots left and no baked goods in the freezer. The Ankle Biters proclaim them to be delicious. Rat Girl AKA Lil Miss has made little finger holes in several of them. Bummer she can reach the kitchen bench now. Carrot […]