Its true. Pizza actually saves lives. It’s saved multiple lives at Chez KP today.

First and foremost, it’s saved my life. With the gardening fenzy I embarked on and the destruction frenzy Lil Miss embarked on today, any more dinner preparation than pulling some dough out of the freezer and throwing toppings at it when it defrosted would surely have been the death of me.

Secondly, it saved Son and Heir’s life. Apparently he will actually die if not feed at hourly intervals. So clearly missing dinner would not have worked for him. Heaven help me when he’s a teenager.

Thirdly, pizza saved Lil Miss’s life because if I’d gone down I would have taken her with me.

Zucchini Blossoms with Baby Zucchini

photo by Clay Irving, some rights reserved

Clearly I am exaggerating wildly. No need for child protection services. The point is, it’s been a rough day and a quick to throw together meal that everyone loves eases the burden dramatically. I know, I could have just said that in the first place but what would have been the fun in that.

Tonight’s toppings – rocket pesto, baby spinach, finely chopped mushrooms, finely sliced zucchini and goat cheese.