Pasta makes my family happy. Very happy. So last night we had spag bog. While the sauce was simmering, I whipped up a batch of pumpkin gnocchi with some dying pumpkin for tonight. I was a but heavy handed with the flour and the gnocchi was crap not up to its usual standard. The sauce, also concocted out of things that had to be used, was a winner.


photo by Gaetan Lee, some rights reserved

Broccoli, sage and bacon pasta sauce
2 rashers bacon, sliced
1 small bunch sage leaves, separated
1 small head broccoli, cut into small florets
1 tablespoon cream

  1. Heat frypan. Add bacon.
  2. When bacon has rendered most of it’s fat, add sage leaves.
  3. When sage leaves have just absorbed the fat, add the broccoli and cream.
  4. Toss around in pan until the broccoli is just tender (about 2 minutes)
  5. Serve over pasta of choice.