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Pizza saves lives

by Dani

Its true. Pizza actually saves lives. It’s saved multiple lives at Chez KP today. First and foremost, it’s saved my life. With the gardening fenzy I embarked on and the destruction frenzy Lil Miss embarked on today, any more dinner preparation than pulling some dough out of the freezer and throwing toppings at it when […]

BBQ Pizza with Seafood, Pesto and Goat Cheese

by Dani

Tonight’s meal was totally inspired by the great deal I got on a freshly made, premium quality marinara mix at the local fisho. All fresh ingredients. Lovely. The weather is still extremely hot in Melbourne so cooking on the barbecue seemed the practical thing to do. I made the potato dough from World Breads for […]

Potato Base Chicken, Pesto and Olive Pizza

by Dani

My cooking mojo is curiously absent at the moment so apologies for the low level of new content. It happens from time to time. But if anyone has seen my mojo, please send it back, I hate it when cooking is a drag, I have to do too much of it to not enjoy it. […]

Artichoke & Salmon Pizza

by Dani

Mondays are getting away from me at the moment. Between spending the morning working in the pool and the afternoon grocery shopping, not to mention a weekend’s worth of laundry…I need a quick and easy meal. It’s a glorious 30 degrees in Melbourne today too so something light and delicious was called for. Artichoke & […]