In response to Alli’s food challenge, here is my current list of packed lunch suggestions for fussy eaters. I know that honey sandwiches are in and cold cuts are out. Other than that I’m winging it so I’m sure many suggestions won’t hit the nail on the head. My Ankle Biters are more of the glutton variety than fussy so my field of expertise is more in packing very large lunches.

Cheese, Lot’s can be done with cheese. Slices cut in enticing shapes (think cookie cutters) and crackers. Little salads with chunks and cheese and cherry tomatoes and whatever else might be acceptable (I guess tuna would be out of the question). Cottage cheese can be a little salad unto itself with something flavourful like chives or gherkin or even a tablespoon of honey if you’re desperate. mixed through. Mini pizzas covered in cheese.

Think about the bread as well. I use a blend of wheat and spelt to take advantage of the increased protein in the spelt whilst still getting a nice fluffy sandwich bread.

Eggs. Another great source of protein. Hard boiled are easy to pack. Little quail eggs hardboiled can be enticing just because they’re downright cute. Well that’s how it works in my house anyway. They can be a stand alone snack or part of a salad. Mini quiches can be filed with both egg and cheese.

Yoghurt. This is a good time of year to send yoghurt in lunches as it’s cold and it will keep. Summer can be a little tricky though.

Mini chicken drumsticks could potentially be interesting. Unless cold meat is out altogether.

Homemade muesli bars
packed with seeds (and nuts if allowed).

I almost forgot! Things that dip. It’s a fussy Ankle Biter indeed that doesn’t like things that dip. Try a hommus sweetened with orange juice or a white bean and rosemary dip.

If you have any other great lunch box ideas that focus on protein, please leave them in the comments.