Do you know what I love about not being typically Western in the way we eat meat? I love that 3 lonely lamb chops that didn’t get cooked at a barbecue the other day will easily make a meal for 4 of us.

I also have half a dish of leftover vegetable gratin and some large sheets of sorj bread that needs using. That means pasties.

Five seconds in the thermomix on speed 5 and the vegetable gratin is mush. A piece of blue cheese that was other wise just going to end up on my butt got mixed through as well. Then I quickly cooked the chops and cut them into small pieces and mixed the meat through the vegetables. The sorj bread becomes pastry withe the filling loaded in and the bread folded to encase the filling. A light spray of olive oil and 20 minutes in a moderate oven.

Dinner is done and served with the little bit of salad leftover from last night.

These would be great as a work or school lunch too if I had more filling leftover.