We have a Christmas Eve brunch at our house this year with BIL, SIL and Niece. Nice relaxed way to enjoy some family Christmas cheer. So here is my Christmas Eve Brunch for 7.

Bircher Muesli (an adaptation)
500g good quality un-toasted muesli (I used Carman’s, you could of course make up your own mix of oats, fruit and nuts but I simply ran out of time to get to the organic grocery to find sulphur free dried fruit, not to mention soaking and dehydrating nuts…so I just bought the Carman’s)bircher.jpg
250g organic apple juice
250ml milk
250ml cream
125g plain yoghurt
80ml honey
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
200g blueberries (or other fresh fruit if you prefer)
2 red apples
big dob butter
big splash maple syrup
shake cinnamon

Soak muesli overnight in apple juice. Defrost berries overnight if using frozen (which I did). Gently stir through milk, cream, yoghurt, honey, vanilla & berries.
Thinly slice apples and saute in butter, maple syrup and cinnamon until golden. Serve on top of muesli.

baked.jpgAn all in one cooked breakfast of lamb and mint sausages, pork sausages, free range bacon, tomato, large swiss brown mushrooms, organic eggs served on nice fresh sour dough and topped with hollandaise (of course made in the thermomix). I prefer my eggs poached but I really wanted a good hearty brunch that would look after itself so I could enjoy family. Oven baking seemed a reasonable compromise between poaching and frying. There should have been blanched asparagus on top but I got all caught up in the excitement of finding out my SIL is in labour and forgot about it. C’est la vie.

And to finish off the feast, tea, coffee and cinnamon rolls.