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The Kitchen Playground top 7 quick mix biscuits

by Dani

A batch of biscuits that can be mixed in five minutes and baked in the time it takes to shower and dress for an impromptu trip to the park is a blessing. The following mixes fit into that category and have been the perfect addition to many a gathering of Ankle Biters. I make them […]

In which pasta and tahini befriend one another

by Dani

Dinner tonight was eerily like dinner last night. But not. Last night was steamed vegetables on noodles with haloumi. Tonight was steamed vegetables on noodles with tahini dressing. Despite the ingredients being much the same, the flavour was vastly different. I love the versatility of the simplest vegetarian meals. In fact, had I any tamari, […]

Reinventing mojo

by Dani

Last night’s cooking class has inspired me to force that old mojo back whether it likes it or not. I went back to work today which kind of interfered with that resolution as it really took the stuffing out of me. I decided though not to let it beat me, just to start of with […]