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Tell me about your Sunday roast

by Dani

I do wish that didn’t make me think of Nicole and Keith’s baby. Really, did they not test the name out from every angle or did they just not care? Anyhoo, ‘nough ’bout that. Sunday roast can be a variable thing in our house. No firm favourites, no set tradition. Tonight, it’s roast chook. One […]

Kashmiri style leg of lamb

by Dani

Now I know that it is hard to go wrong with a Sunday roast and a leg of lamb totally rocks in it’s own right. I’m not disputing that. If, however, you really want to take it to the next level, have I got a recipe for you. Yeah baby. Kashmiri Style Leg of Lamb […]

Holiday Meal Planning

by Dani

So here we are in wet, wet Sydney. Rain is such a novelty for us Melbournites. Courtesy of the Bread Winner’s company, we have free use of a simply divine 3 bedroom apartment right on the Harbour. The apartment is bigger than our house. I could happily sit on the couch for a week just […]

Colourful Roast Salad with roasted garlic walnut mayonnaise

by Dani

Some fabulous purple congo potatoes grabbed my eye this week, I simply had to have them. Hopefully I can get one to sprout so I can grow some. Jerusalem artichokes are in season too. I adore Jerusalem artichokes. Both of which were the inspiration for this meal. The meat can be left out for a […]