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Slow Cooked. Persian Lamb and Rhubarb Stew.

by Dani

Monday night. Swimming night. Dinner needs to be made ready in the time it takes the Ankle Biters to shower and change. So Monday is generally a slow cooker night in the colder months. I do all the prep on the Sunday night and pop it in the fridge ready to be put in the […]

Curried pork spare ribs with cous cous

by Dani

I have a word document which is a series of urls. Recipes and crafty ideas that have taken my fancy and that I’ve not gotten  around to as yet. It’s a wonderful source of inspiration when I’m out of ideas. Today was one of those days. The end result was fantastic. The aroma of the […]

Berry bloody good

by Dani

Breakfast can be such a boring rut. Now the weather has turned colder I seem to have left muesli behind and I need something to break the weekday porridge monotony. So I was a very happy puppy when I was sorting through old cook books and found this little number. I used frozen berries, defrosted […]

When leftovers combine harmoniously

by Dani

I did my supermarket Christmas shopping tonight. Just have the fruit and veg to go now. I seem to have spent a small fortune on food lately and the house really is very well stocked, Christmas notwithstanding. So I have decided that I am only allowed to restock on fruit and veg for the next […]