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Thermomix (or not) seafood burgers

by Dani

The past few days have been perfect Melbourne summer days. Bright sunny days, warm nights. My inner gardener is badly lamenting Melbourne weather at the same time as the rest of me revels in it. My water tank has reached critical levels again. I’ll be howling at the moon and rain dancing tonight. The vegetable […]

Another bastardised burger

by Dani

You know I really don’t dig burgers. Certainly not from places you can actually drive through. Shudder. In fact, I have never had so much as a nibble of a big mac. Not even the frshly cooked fish and chip shop variety. In fact, not even a homemade version of the same. But I do […]

Eating out for under $8

by Dani

We did! It’s true. We ate out for under $8 for the 4 of us tonight. OK, so I’m being a little misleading. I packed dinner into the car fridge and cooked it on the free barbecue at a local park. It’s a beautiful autumn day in Melbourne. Sunny and warm, not too windy. Plus […]

Bad, bad burger

by Dani

But oh so good. Curses be that Pioneer Woman. Her onion strings recipe made this evil concoction pop into my brain. Then it manifested onto my dinner plate. Now I’m going to have to spend forever at the gym tonight removing it from my butt. The only change I made to the onion strings recipe […]

Bacon and blue cheese burgers

by Dani

Tuesday and Thursday nights I like something I can cook in batches so I can eat with the kids and go to gym when the bread winner comes home and he still gets a freshly cooked meal. As usual I’m out of bread so first things first I guess. Need some buns. As usual this […]