But oh so good.

Curses be that Pioneer Woman. Her onion strings recipe made this evil concoction pop into my brain. Then it manifested onto my dinner plate. Now I’m going to have to spend forever at the gym tonight removing it from my butt.

The only change I made to the onion strings recipe was to do a half batch and use Chinese five spice in place of cayenne pepper. I will omit the details from the recipe below as ‘ve already given you the link. The amount of meat I used makes 7 – 8 burgers. Son and heir shocked me and ate 2 which is pure gluttony (or another growth spurt) and I crumbled a couple and made a noodle stirfry of them for the Bread Winner’s lunch tomorrow.

Satay Burger on Noodle Nest with Onion Stringsburger.jpg
500g mince beef
1/2 – 2/3 cup satay sauce
2 cakes noodle (2 minute type)
2 small pak choy, shredded
1 egg, lightly beaten
3 tablespoons rice bran oil
1/4 cup flour

Combine satay sauce and mince well. Form into burgers and lightly coat with flour.
Cook noodles, drain and mix egg through.
In a large frypan, heat a couple of tablespoons of the oil. Divide the noodles into as many portions as there are burgers to be made. Squish them into rough flat patties in the pan and fry on each side until golden. Cook the burgers for about 3 minutes per side (or until cooked through) in the same pan.
(Meanwhile, heat the remaining oil in a wok and cook the onion strings)
Blanch the pak choy for about a minute and drain.
To make burgers, stack burger on top of noodles, top with pak choy and sprinkle onion strings over the top. Go to gym and work really hard to alleviate guilt.