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Refried beans without the fry!

by Dani

I found this little gem whilst trawling the internet recently. We adore refried beans but I do have a problem with the amount of (usually saturated) fat they contain. I also hate buying canned bean products as the price is so much higher than using them dried. The smells that have been wafting through the […]

What a crock!

by Dani

That crock pot fiend has done it again. Her Spanish rice casserole is totally brilliant comfort food. I upped the rice quantity (and pre-soaked it overnight). Instead of Italian seasoning, I just ripped some oregano and basil out of the garden and threw that in. To make it appear like I had gone to some […]

Speaking of comfort food

by Dani

Did someone say minestrone? Actually Son and Heir has been begging me to make “pasta soup” for a couple of weeks now. This week is the week. I have no intention of us eating it until the end of the week but I like to make it when the vegetables are market fresh. Not only […]

The Perfect Baked Potato

by Dani

A simple meal tonight by request of First Born. Baked potatoes. I popped a bunch of desirees in the oven (180 degrees) before wandering off to a friend’s for a cuppa. Pricked them with a fork and sprayed them with olive oil first. When we got home I sliced some free range bacon and mushrooms […]