I found this little gem whilst trawling the internet recently. We adore refried beans but I do have a problem with the amount of (usually saturated) fat they contain. I also hate buying canned bean products as the price is so much higher than using them dried. The smells that have been wafting through the kitchen while this cook are just magic. I can see quesadillas in our not too distant future.

After the slow cooking was done, I blitzed the mixture for 10 seconds on speed 5 in the thermomix. The amount fitted perfectly. The result was quite thin but some gentle simmering on the stove top reduced them to exactly the consistency we like. I would estimate the resulting amount to be roughly the equivalent of three cans.

The flavour? Fantastic. With 2/3 of this batch going straight to the freezer, I anticipate never having to by canned refried beans again.