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Cheese meets chocolate. A friendship is formed.

by Dani

Sometimes, an odd scrap of leftovers leads me in an unusual direction. Today was one of those days. It all began with 6 sheets of leftover spring roll wrapper. I’ll tell you in advance, the gamble paid off. Dessert was delicious. Strawberry, chocolate and camembert dessert rolls. makes 4, I only made three because that’s […]

Root Fest

by Dani

Without a doubt it’s a winter thing. But nothing beats a good root. Vegetable. Personally, I love parsnips. So I got all excited when Brazen mentioned this parsnip soup. I got even more excited at the market today when I found a box of gorgeous little local parsnips. Here’s a hint. Don’t buy big parsnips. […]

Cure for the Common Cold

by Dani

Yep, that’s right you heard me. I’ve got the cure. I found it in an old recipe book. The Willow Housewife’s Handbook on Cookery, Fifth Edition, 1930. Can you believe the cure has been floating around that long and isn’t common knowledge yet? Crazy Cure for Cold Break 3 eggs, shells and all, and juice […]