Like so many things, soy milk can be made quickly and easily in the thermomix. Yes, a little forethought is required as the soy beans need to be soaked overnight but very little effort is otherwise required.

In terms of cost, I priced 1 litre of organic soy milk at $3.95. At the same store, organic soy beans were $4.95 for a 500g bag. I used 370g of beans to yield 1.75 litres of soy milk. So the cost per litre is $2.09. Quite a saving!

Because I made a large batch, I needed to dirty a stock pot to combine the puree with extra water before straining. This was using 370g of beans and 2 litres of water. To reduce the amount of dishes, I have halved the amounts. If you use a lot of soy milk and would prefer to make the larger batch, simply puree the beans starting with 500ml of water, adding another 500ml as you go, then empty into a stockpot stir in another litre, bring to boil and strain as per the recipe below.

Thermomix Soy Milk
1 cup or 185g organic soy beans, soaked over night and drained
1 litre water

1. Place beans and water in thermomix and puree on speed 9 until thermomix stops dramatic shaking, about 30 – 45 seconds.
2. Cook at 100 degrees for approximately 8 minutes on speed 2, or until temperature reaches 100 degrees.
3. Line a large colander with a double thickness of cheesecloth or muslin and place over a large pot. Pour contents of thermomix into colander.
4. Twist top of cheesecloth closed and press out soy milk with a wooden spoon until no liquid remains.