Not for the first time, when shown my latest creation, the Bread Winner wondered aloud what possesses me to do these things. How does one take that? Is it mere bemusement? Derision? Disgust? I justified this creation with the notion of children and festivities and keeping the Ankle Biters amused in the lead up to the big day. To which the Bread Winner responded with, “OK. So why did you make two?”


Large gingerbread wreath

Small gingerbread wreath

The clipping from which the idea came, possibly from Super Food Ideas, has been in my recipe folder for quite some time. One year or more, I really don’t know. This year, it was an idea whose time had come. I used substituting the sugar for 1 slightly packed cup of muscovado and treace in place of golden syrup. I mixed it in the thermomix but the batch was too large for it to handle so I finished combining and kneading by hand.We got enough gingerbread from this batch to make one large wreath, one small and a batch of biscuits to leave out for Santa tomorrow night.

Gingerbread cookies for Santa

To form the wreath, use a holly leaf cookie cutter and score the veins in with a knife. On a sheet of baking paper, trace the outside of a bread and butter plate. Layer the leaves around the edge and bake at 180 degrees for 20 – 25 minutes. Allow to cool completely before hanging from a fabulous Christmas ribbon. If you can keep the Ankle BIters at bay, it should keep for about a week.