Perhaps it would be wise to decide on the cook book challenge book before doig the shopping. Step by step Thai Cooking, published by Bay Books, is a world of temptation. Unfortunately, I am lacking vital ingredients for the most tempting dishes. I suspect this book will be by my side when writing my next shopping list.

In the meantime to honour the terms of the challenge, we had rice paper rolls for dinner. Inspired by the book of the week and the leftover wedge of bolar roast. Meh. I had adequate ingredients and neither the energy nor the time to make anything else. I had planned to serve Son in Law eggs on the side but the Bread Winner needed emergency assistance in the preparation of a present. Which somehow found me at Harvey Norman right on dinner time. The eggs can wait until tomorrow as can a proper post. Retail adventures in December are not my bag and I’m afraid it sucked the will to blog from me for this evening.


Rice paper rolls