The Bread Winner works hard for his family. He’s a great provider, a wonderful father and a fabulous husband. Sadly the providing segment of his duties takes him from his loving wife’s side more than is ideal. This week more so than usual. Things reached ridiculous last night when he had a 1am phone meeting with Toronto. Followed by a little over an hours work. He had started work at 7am the previous morning. Would anyone like to debate that the Australian male is overworked?

He did manage to get home early tonight, a shade before 5.00. We decided to seize the moment and walk the dog together, all of us, as a family. It’s a beautiful balmy night. Warm, ever so slightly humid, still. My kind of heaven, made all the more sublime by a walk with those I hold most dear, holding hands with my best friend, my lover, my husband, father of my children and so on and so forth. Life is so fleeting, there should be more time to walk and hold hands.

Oh alright, enough of my sap, I’ll move on to the salad. Which was served with steak in case you’re interested. Recipe created by my standard recipe development method of seeing what in the vegetable bin needs using most urgently.

Spring Vegetable Salad with Tahini Dressing
5 baby carrots
5 baby turnips
5 French radishes
8 florets broccoli
1 baby garlic shoot
1/4 cup shelled fresh peas
tahini dressing

  1. Combine all ingredients except peas and dressing in thermomix and chop for 5 seconds on speed 5.
  2. Place all ingredients in bowl and toss.