It’s possible that I often mention scrambled eggs. Or maybe not. What is certain is that I eat them a lot. They’re my staple weekend breakfast and I often make myself a serving for lunch too. Perfect after a cold morning in the pool. In fact, Lil Miss and I had scrambled eggs with feta on toast today. Which got me thinking about how people generally cook them.

Most people I know (home cooks) make their scrambled eggs in a fry pan over direct heat. In fact I’ve been known to do that myself when Son and Heir is having a complete meltdown because his neglectful mother has been browsing blogs all morning and he is starving to death. This method will produce adequate scrambled eggs. Perfectly edible.

On the other hand. For perfect scrambled eggs, take a little longer. Beat your eggs and cream together, throw in anything else that turns you on. Now, get a really big frypan, half fill it with water and bring it to the boil. Now find a slightly smaller pot, place it in the frypan and add butter. Now cook your eggs in that, slowly, bain marie style. Allow nice big curds to form and stir it gently. Now I know I’ve mentioned this before. Turn off the heat before the eggs are properly cooked through. Leave it a little moist. This is critical.

If you’ve not cooked scrambled eggs this way before, try it and tell me what you think. I’ll be surprised if you don’t find it a huge improvement.