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Flavours of Vietnam: The Pho Cocktail

by Dani

I greeted Friday evening with a much greater sigh of relief than is usual this week. It hasn’t been a bad week, just a busy one. Plus it was the Bread Winner’s birthday and I’d had to stand him up for lunch which I felt dreadful about. Such is the crazy world of education. All […]

Thermomix soy milk

by Dani

Like so many things, soy milk can be made quickly and easily in the thermomix. Yes, a little forethought is required as the soy beans need to be soaked overnight but very little effort is otherwise required. In terms of cost, I priced 1 litre of organic soy milk at $3.95. At the same store, […]

A teddy bears picnic for Lil Miss

by Dani

Since October, Lil Miss has had her heart set on a teddy bears ‘nicnic’ for her third birthday. What mother could deny such a humble request? Not this one anyway. To avoid the whole saga of cleaning the house only to have it destroyed by hyped up preschoolers, we elected to picnic at a wonderful […]

Happy New Year!

by Dani

So another year passes, more quickly than those that precede it. If you are celebrating the departure of 2008 or welcoming 2009, enjoy and be safe! If you’re not celebrating, also enjoy and be safe. It’s a crazy time of year. I’m ushering out the old with the assistance of the cook book challenge. This […]

A dinner party for six … Ankle Biters excluded

by Dani

I consider myself very lucky to have Ankle Biters with quite adult palates. Well there is both luck and good management involved in that. However, I have lately been overcome by a burning desire to throw a good old fashioned grown up dinner party. The Bread Winner is about to vanish to far away ports […]

Winter Solstice Burning

by Dani

Tonight, the Bread Winner and I joined up with some friends and took our collective Ankle Biters to the Winter Solstice Bonfire at Collingwood Children’s Farm. The Ankle Biters were thrilled to be out at night and loved the fire eating, twirling and general burning of things. All very exciting. Despite a no doubt dazzling […]

Warning…this recipe contains deliciousness

by Dani

I have identified another luxury item in last week’s shopping that could have been avoided and saved me another $4. Rhubarb. But I’m glad I splurged. Because I made Rhubarb Champagne. I used cider vinegar instead of white vinegar. Instead of sugar, I used 2 cups of dark muscavado and 1.5 cups of light muscavado. […]

My Christmas Day Contribution

by Dani

We are having Christmas lunch at my brother and his wife’s house this year. We all pitch in and bring food so no one has to work too hard. I was quick to bags dessert because a wonderful recipe sprang to mind courtesy of the lovely Jan. I also volunteered a couple of salads because […]