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Chinese style lamb and tofu stew

by Dani

The old saying says that necessity is the mother of invention. Tonight at the Kitchen Playground, it was necessary to use up some leftover (homemade) tofu and some leftover roast lamb. The result was a simple and tasty little dish that would work just as well with uncooked lamb, just increase the cooking time slightly […]

Prawn, Scallop, Leftovers and Rolled Rice Noodles

by Dani

OK so we know that Vietnamese food is my favourite. Real, authentic Vietnamese food. Tonight though, I have proven the incredible perfection of Vietnamese flavour combinations. I threw a few things together and ended up writhing in culinary ecstasy. How does one cuisine manage to get it so damn right? Admittedly the Ankle Biters were […]

Panfried Stuffed Tofu with Garlicky Rice Stick

by Dani

If you read my ramble this morning, you won’t be surprised to discover that tonight’s dinner comes from Into the Vietnamese Kitchen. I’ve made the panfried stuffed tofu exactly as the recipe specifies, which is a rarity for me. Due to a tomato shortage courtesy of yesterday’s bolognese extravaganza, I have omitted the tomato sauce […]