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by Dani

Me and the tofu. Totally stuffed. My craving for stuffed tofu and yet more green vegetables has led to a very messy kitchen today. Which is kind of depressing as I just knew it wasn’t going to taste as good as I wanted it to. I think I left my cooking mojo in the bottom […]

Winter stir fry

by Dani

I know that the inhabitants of Chez KP, with the exception of myself, are not fans of cabbage and similar beasts. Today, I ceased to care. If I have to inhale germs from other people’s ankle biters, I will stuff myself full of green goodness if I choose. As no one else at Chez KP […]

Stir fry

by Dani

There is something akin to meditation in finely hand chopping lots of lovely fresh ingredients, laying them out in little bowls and then cooking them really quickly. When I make a dish like that I rarely use the thermomix. I like to do it all by hand, even mincing meat where necessary. It is a […]

Pork and Vegetable Stir Fry on Crispy Noodles

by Dani

I really felt like some good old Char Siu pork but simply did not have the time to get down to Richmond to buy any. I thought I could probably approximate with what I had in the house though as I knew I had a nice little pork fillet hiding in the freezer. It worked […]