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John McCain Ribs

by Dani

I asked for some dog bones at the farmers market the other day. I was given a couple of kilo of beef ribs for $3. For the first time ever, Little Creek Beef disappointed me. There was no way I could feed those ribs to my dog. They were far too good for the dog. […]

Slow cooker rice and beans

by Dani

Melbourne is a crazy town. Early spring was hot and dry. Early summer, cold and wet. Much as I prefer the heat, it’s much cheerier to embrace what you’ve got rather than pine for what you lack. So I whipped up a comforting, super cheap, super easy slow cooker beans and rice dinner. Hearty and […]

Not Slimming

by Dani

Sunday night at Chez KP featured the Bread Winner’s favourite cuisine, Mexican. Chimichangas to be precise, courtesy of A Year in CrockPotting. The Bread Winner was muchly pleased. I used about half the meat and one 400g tin of tomatoes and it was enough for the four of us. I made my own tortillas with […]

Oxtail Spaghetti Casserole.

by Dani

I bought some oxtail at market the other day intending to make an oxtail lasagne. Only thing was that we’ve already had bolognaise this week and it just seemed too ‘same’. I’ve been wanting to make a variation on Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Spaghetti and the combination of those two thoughts inspired this dish. I made […]