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Simple things

by Dani

One of my daily blog reads is Down to Earth. Rhonda is a very wise woman. She talks about living a simple life. Something I aspire to in many ways. Not only do I find it an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling way to live on many levels but I think it’s just plain smart. The […]

When Mr Meat and Three Veg visits

by Dani

When Bob was handing out taste buds and palates and the like, my Dad was curiously absent. Which makes dinner challenging when he comes to visit. It’s a question of balance. Something that Dad will eat and something that won’t make the rest of us actually die of palate induced ennui. That’s a real disease, […]

Holiday Day Three

by Dani

Day Three in Sydney and a continuation of Holiday Meal Planning. I had to do a small shopping top up last night, I bought more bread, eggs, rocket and a massive bunch of coriander. Most of which is already gone. I’m going to have to hit the supermarket again in the next day or so. […]

10 Minute Meal part 2

by Dani

Today got away from me. Two hours sleep last night thanks to Second Born. Work this morning and the week’s rush of tasks leading up to First Born’s birthday and party left me rather behind time today. Melbourne did one of her classic twists too and turned wet and chilly this afternoon after a steamy […]