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Catching up on the Cook Book Challenge

by Dani

This Last week’s book has been patiently sitting in the kitchen waiting for my attention all week. My attention, however, has been elsewhere. In terms of my food planning, the week has actually finished but unfinished business bothers me, so I will use Food To Go from the AWWs home library tonight whilst perusing this […]

Midweek entertaining inspired by the cook book of the week.

by Dani

It was apt that I started my cook book challenge with Women’s Weekly Dinner Party Cook Book No. 3 as we had dinner guests last night. As it was a mid-week affair, I forwent the full degustation catastrophe and settled for appetisers, sorbet, main meal and dessert. The main meal was the featured cook book […]

Beef and Two Potato Salad

by Dani

Melbourne weather has been downright weird lately. 40 degrees one day and 15 the next. Today was a gorgeous 24. Perfect for a nice hearty warm salad. I didn’t get around to shopping properly for fruit and veg this week for some reason so supplies were a little limited but a great big sweet potato […]