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Lamb necks: especially for Kevin

by Dani

Who asked for ideas for using lamb necks. I’ve been thinking about this one and remembered a recipe I found one or two winters ago. I think it’s originally from Gourmet Traveller. Now that I’ve pulled it out I might just have to make it again soon as I have a couple of days to […]

Moroccan Chicken

by Dani

If you adapt an adaptation, how do you know if you just recreated the original? Assuming of course that you haven’t seen the original. Highly unlikely in this instance but it’s something to think about nonetheless. Or not. As you choose. Steamy Kitchen’s Jaden adapted this from Cooking Light The Complete Cook Book. I adapted […]

Moroccan Style Vegetable and Couscous

by Dani

This is a quick and easy dish I threw together tonight when I suddenly realised I was running very late. Not a true 10 minute meal as it takes a little longer to cook but certainly less than 10 minutes work in the thermomix. Moroccan Style Vegetable and Couscous 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 onions […]