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School lunch planning

by Dani

We have one more week here until Son and Heir is released into the wilds of the school ground. At the same time, Lil Miss is back at creche and I am back at work. It’s going to be busier than ever for our little family this year. In my usual obsessive way, I am […]

A quick little snack

by Dani

Every time I open the fridge lately I see more leftovers dictating my life. I thought I’d cleared it this morning but a half eaten tin of baked beans just waved at me. I have no idea where that came from. Hmm, must be the Bread Winner at work. All’s well that doesn’t get wasted […]

Back to School time

by Dani

Or kinder, or work, or creche, or whatever else requires you to start wracking your brains about packing lunches. Lunch is my least liked meal of the day. I don’t heart thinking about it. I try and avoid thinking about it by having a checklist of ideas floating around the kitchen. I thought I’d share […]