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Super quick brunch, lunch or dinner. You choose.

by Dani

February is the new December. Busy, busy, busy. Not to mention often too hot to cook. This little meal is not only versatile in the time of day that it suits but it’s delicious and can be made in 10 minutes from start to finish. What more could you possibly want? Poached salmon, egg and […]

Calamari Trout Parcels

by Dani

I got a good deal on some trout fillets and lovely fresh calamari rings. Not quite enough of either to fed us all so I thought I would combine them. I skinned the trout and removed the little bones (name of which escapes me right now) which left me with skinny little strips of fish. […]

Steamed barramundi with asparagus and lime hollandaise

by Dani

I picked up a lovely barramundi at the market with vision of cooking it in the varoma. For the thermomix uninitiated, the varoma is the steamer unit that sits on top. It’s pretty fabulous actually, you can cook the entire meal, including a sauce all at the same time. Impressively efficient. So…what exactly to do […]