I got a good deal on some trout fillets and lovely fresh calamari rings. Not quite enough of either to fed us all so I thought I would combine them. I skinned the trout and removed the little bones (name of which escapes me right now) which left me with skinny little strips of fish. I combined these into a log shape and threaded the calamari over the log and sprinkled it lightly with finely chopped parsley.

I steamed the fish in the varoma (steaming attachment for the thermomix for the uninititated) for 25 minutes. I also made a hollandaise with a few capers stirred through and drizzled it over the top to serve. We had an nice garden salad on the side.

I can only show you a picture of the fish before steaming as an unscheduled trip to the park made dinner late so by the time it was cooked I had a hungry family in meltdown and had to serve with haste.