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A summer’s day with a kitchen garden. Gado gado variant.

by Dani

What could be more satisfying, frustrating, and completely fulfilling as a day spent between vegetable patch and preserving? I’m sure the majority could think of lot’s of things but I’m know I’m not alone in thinking it nigh on the perfect day. From an early trip to the farmer’s market, I launched straight into bottling […]


by Dani

It’s nigh on my favourite time of year. I’m not referring to the festive season of any variety. What I’m talking about is peach season. We have the most wonderful peach tree. It was here when we bought our house, I’ve no idea how old it is. What I do know is that every year […]

Bread, potatoes and lunch in the park

by Dani

Lately, Son and Heir greatly objects to staying home all day. He has this driving need for some form of outing every day. It’s a pain in the backside when I don’t want to go anywhere. Like today. All I wanted to do was clean the house and tend to some outdoor tasks that I […]