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A dinner party for six … Ankle Biters excluded

by Dani

I consider myself very lucky to have Ankle Biters with quite adult palates. Well there is both luck and good management involved in that. However, I have lately been overcome by a burning desire to throw a good old fashioned grown up dinner party. The Bread Winner is about to vanish to far away ports […]

Cheesy Goodness

by Dani

Oh my heavens I love cheese. Bugger chocolate (nice though it can be), I’ll take cheese any day. So for a cold winter evening, I made this combination of cheeses with some pasta, pumpkin and sage thrown in to flesh it out. Tortellini with Pumpkin, sage and three cheese sauce adapted from yet another Super […]

Sheep’s Yoghurt Cheese

by Dani

I found a recipe ages ago and put it aside thinking I might make some as Christmas gifts. I didn’t get around to that but I came across the recipe again last weekend and thought I’d make a batch for Christmas Day nibbles and general snacking. I won’t re-write the recipe as I made it […]

Cheese and Vegetable Strudel

by Dani

This week got away from me a bit in the kitchen department which meant I had a selection of vegetables that really needed to be cooked today. Plus I had some odd remnants of cheese. Cheese and Vegetable Strudel A few stray snow peas A few stray green beans 1 head broccoli 1 potato wedge […]

Cheese Koftas in Creamy Sauce, Thermomix Style

by Dani

This is a Charmaine Solomon recipe, I’ve just adjusted it for use in the Thermomix. Much easier to make this way. In the pre-Thermomix days, the kneading stage used to drive me to distraction. Cheese Koftas in Creamy Sauce 2 litres full cream milk 60 ml lemon juice 3 tablespoons coriander, finely chopped 2 tablespoons […]